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Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising. Surely you have heard about it. Many well known companies have talked about that for many years, but until now no one has ever started the service. Simply type on Google "Mobile Advertising" to see and know all about this revolutionary system of targeted advertising, seen in the right moment ,warranty on receptions, economy up to 90% of any other advertising, return of over 60% (ROI), reliable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Mobile Advertising is the best way to advertise directly from your mobile phone.

It is a great honor to say that Casertex is the first and only company in the world that offers Mobile Advertising from almost 10 years, providing our customers with completely independent management, SMS based on your preferences, according to the gender, race , age, city, country and much more.

Our client, through its BackOffice, using our database and through a filter, can choose its potential customers.

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